Glad to see boys in medical school still giggle at the sound of the word vagina.


when privileged groups want rights, safety, and respect, it’s called “basic human decency”

when oppressed groups want rights, safety, and respect, it’s called “social justice”

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as much as people make fun of ~tumblr feminism~ i think its pretty damn revolutionary that us girls have a space to share ideas and pictures and get inspired from each other and learn from each other and connect with one another and find a sense of solidarity with one another even if its only online. like this era is so amazing i love all of you i find inspiration from all of you u all help me grow and learn so much about myself and its fucking powerful as hell

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Anonymous said: Explain to me how exactly we're living in a "rape culture" I can see that in India, but not in America/Britain. Being charged for rape will follow you for the rest of your life, even if it's been proven you didn't rape anyone. Being called a rapist is one of the biggest insults in our society



Hey look what I can do.

And no, rapists do not have it that bad. Remember when those two football players were CONVICTED of rape due to all the overwhelming evidence and the media wouldn’t even call them rapists and instead pontificated about how saaaaaad it was that the poor kids’ futures were ruined?? I remember. Somehow I think they’ll be fine.

Remember all the ridiculous number of times that college men raped women and got the most insignificant nothing punishments for it? Yeah I bet they’ll be fine, too. Remember how Mike Tyson was convicted of raping a woman and no one even cares anymore, and he still gets to be on TV shows like How I Met Your Mother? He seems pretty ok. 


'Being called a rapist is one of the biggest insults'

But thing is society dances around calling actual rapists, rapists. That’s the whole point.

Plus have you heard teenage boys? ‘Totally raped that game’
'Just raped that test'
They use it as a synonym for beat or won over, which is a big part of rape culture. Power play

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hey quick question to all the white people sending us “youre whats keeping racism alive” asks, do you send those to the neonazis or kkk members on this website too or do you only care about racism when PoC speak out against it? -Donya

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Anonymous said: Assholes will always be assholes, not just rich people.


Here’s the thing though: the vast majority of very wealthy people are a special kind of asshole. Leaving this out leaves out an important part of the social structure in which we live. Yes, poor people can be assholes. I’m sometimes an asshole and I’m poor. But rich people have the special privilege of being assholes around others who end up having to take it from them or quite literally starve / become homeless.

Rich people have the privilege of having others subjugated by their economic power stand next to them and listen while they blather on and insult you and your people, and you’re expected to take it because they have money, and apparently this means their opinions must be heard. The worst is when they claim they used to be poor (they almost never really work actually living in forced poverty) and tell you about their struggles.

There are many types of assholes. But I will not pretend that a very large proportion of rich people, if not almost all of them, are condescending, self important assholes that talk down to and unfairly judge people they do not deem to be their socioeconomic equals. they often do this while regaling the world of their own struggles with finance. This seems to make them feel better, because they can then claim that all poor people could be financially comfortable to, if only they would do the asshole things** they have done to become rich assholes, because they are delusional and believe they once too lived in poverty.

** those things are almost entirely impossible for pretty much every poor person.

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"if you were polite and nice with your activism we’d listen" no you wouldn’t you fucking liars

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Detachment is a privilege held by people who aren’t targets.

"why are you so emotional about this" - unaffected people

read this. write it on your hand. repeat it to yourself.

so you can never ask me that again

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